What to Watch After You Finish ‘The Crown’

If you are my friend or have good tasted and already finished The Crown on Netflix, I know you’re like me and desperate for me to continue watching the drama unfold. If you’re my friend and haven’t watched The Crown in full, maybe you aren’t really my friend… While the next season of the hit Netflix drama is years away, there is more to get your royal fix!

Highly Recommend: the below is a list of what to watch that I truly recommend.

The Queen (2006) – streaming on Showtime
This full-length feature film produced an Oscar win for Helen Mirren’s portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II. The film follows the Queen in the aftermath of Princess Diana’s tragic death. Also, hello Michael Sheen!

The Windsors (2016–present) – streaming on Netflix
A parody show about royals! This is light-hearted and also set in modern times, which means we get Harry and Meghan storylines! I had a lot of fun with this show.

Diana: In Her Own Words (2017) – streaming on Netflix
This is a television documentary focusing on the Princess of Wales. Not as dramatized as The Crown, but a great look into Diana’s life with interviews and personal recordings.

The Royal House of Windsor (2017) – streaming on Netflix
This doc covers hundreds of years of history of the Windsor royal family! This explains the who’s, the what’s, and much more. This was a great explanation of the deeper history of the Windsor family.

Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy (2017) – streaming on HBO Max
Another documentary, but this one will hurt your heart a bit more. This documentary features Harry and William reflecting on their mother. This doc features home videos, interviews, and much more.

Harry and Meghan: A Royal Romance (2018) – streaming on Amazon Prime
A Lifetime original movie! I actually think this is so fun. It’s not accurate, I know, but I love the depiction of their original meeting. There’s also a sequel (!!) following Meghan’s transition into becoming a royal. Apparently, they’re planning a third! Iconic trilogy!

“They Exist” Recommendations: not the best category, but these can help get your Royal fix!

The Iron Lady (2011) – streaming on Netflix
The Iron Meryl Streep won her third Oscar for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in this 2011 film. Personally, I prefer Gillian Anderson’s performance in the Netflix series, but this will do.

Diana (2013) – streaming on Amazon Prime
Listen, I love Naomi Watts, but not this girl. This film focuses on the last two years of Princess Diana’s life. Let’s just say I’ll eagerly await the new biopic from Pablo Larraín starring Kristen Stewart.

William & Kate (2011) – streaming on Amazon Prime
YES! Another Lifetime movie! It’s bad, but it’s all in good fun I guess? Features the infamous fashion show.

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