Children of the Corn movie review

Children of the corn is a remake of the previous films of the same name and directed by Kurt Wimmer. The story is about a girl called, Eden Edwards, played by Kate Moyer. Eden becomes friends with an evil corn monster in the cornfield. This corn monster feeds on blood. Eden recruits kids who help... Continue Reading →

Play Dead Review

"Play Dead" is directed by Patrick Lussier and follows Chloe, who is played by Bailee Madison, she fakes her death with her brother's help to break into a morgue. T.J, Chloe's younger brother, played by Anthony Turpel, leaves his phone with evidence that he was involved in a robbery with Chloe’s ex-boyfriend, Ross, played by... Continue Reading →

Avatar The Way Of Water 4DX review

The Way of Water is a great movie and what helped the experience was watching in 4DX. The seats moved throughout the film, at times it could be jolty, and other times felt smooth and fast. It’s less intense than a theme park ride, and the seats stay in the same position. 4DX also includes... Continue Reading →

Teen Wolf The Movie Review

"Teen wolf the movie" continues the story from the hit tv show. "Teen wolf" ended in 2017, so time has passed. Scott McCall, played by Tyler Posey, is still helping at the animal shelter, Lydia, played by Holland Roden, is an estate manager and Malia, played by Shelly Hennig, is dating Jordan Parish. Derek played... Continue Reading →

Wednesday review

Wednesday is based on Wednesday from the Addams Family. Wednesday goes to a new school that her parents used to go to. The school has lots of supernatural creatures from werewolves to mermaids. Wednesday is trying to fit into this new school, while at the same time being a sort of detective to try and... Continue Reading →

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