Movie Review Roundup

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers Review Chip n Dale's rescue rangers is an action mystery comedy based on the old Disney cartoon characters. This version is based in modern times and has a similar style to Roger Rabbit, where cartoons and humans live in a world together. Chip and Dale go on an adventure together... Continue Reading →

Movie Review Roundup

Texas chainsaw massacre review The Netflix Texas chainsaw massacre is a reboot sequel of the original film. The movie follows a group of teens who want to start a new life and make a once lifeless town busy again. Sarah Yarkin stars as the main character, Melody. Sarah did an impressive job with what she... Continue Reading →

Scream 5 4DX Review

I was excited for Scream 5, but sadly going in did get spoiled. It was still an amazing time, and what made the experience even more fun was watching Scream 5 in 4dx. For people who don’t know what 4dx is. 4dx is a special format in some cinemas that gives you a more immersive... Continue Reading →

The King’s Man review

The King's Man is the third film in the series, but rather than a sequel it serves as an origin story and prequel. Set during the First World War, this period action-comedy is about a group of powerful criminals. The criminals are all trying to start a war to take over the world and rule... Continue Reading →

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