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Binge Watch: Dads

This week is Father’s Day, but hopefully you already knew that. If not, it’s on Sunday, so you still have some time to get a meal together, grab a card or do a little shopping. Last month, I looked at some films with mothers in honor of Mother’s Day. This week, I’ll do the same … Continue reading Binge Watch: Dads

Binge Watch: 40 Years of Movies, Pt. 1

This year, 2021, is the year I turn 40-years-old. In fact, that happened in the first week of May. In honor of this milestone and my life-long love of films, I decided to look back at each year I’ve been alive and pick my personal favorite film released that year. Some decisions were easy, some … Continue reading Binge Watch: 40 Years of Movies, Pt. 1

Binge Watch: Godzilla and Kong

Godzilla and King Kong are two of our oldest movie icons. Kong made his debut in 1933, starring opposite Fay Wray. Godzilla, meanwhile, debuted in 1954. Both have gone strong in multiple different films and series franchises ever since. The latest entry in the modern monster franchise, Godzilla vs. Kong, debuted March 31 in theaters … Continue reading Binge Watch: Godzilla and Kong