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Binge Watch: Best Television Series

We’ve made it to 2022 and there are hundreds of shows awaiting us. But before we move on to the glory of 2022, it’s time to pause and look back on 2021. Ricky and I discuss our selections on an upcoming episode of The Music City Drive-In Podcast, but for this week’s Binge Watch, I’m … Continue reading Binge Watch: Best Television Series

Binge Watch: Christmas Episodes, Pt. 2

Christmas has come and gone; I hope it was a good one. While most of our nostalgic seasonal viewing is in the run up to Christmas Day, I think we’re still safe being as the New Year hasn’t come. Technically, Christmas runs for 12 days after until Epiphany, so I feel safe in offering the … Continue reading Binge Watch: Christmas Episodes, Pt. 2

Binge Watch: Christmas Episodes, Pt. 1

Merry Christmas! Well, almost Christmas anyway. The big day is Saturday, but if you’re like me you’ve been prepping with your favorite films and specials for days, weeks or even months. Last year I looked at some classic Christmas films and this year I thought I’d turn my attention to the small screen. Over the … Continue reading Binge Watch: Christmas Episodes, Pt. 1

Binge Watch: Spider-Man Films

A little film called Spider-Man: No Way Home opens on Friday, perhaps you’ve heard of it? This is by no means the first Spider-Man film and, in fact, it looks like this one will crack the multi-verse wide open and bring together people from previous Spider-Man franchises. That all makes this one of the most … Continue reading Binge Watch: Spider-Man Films

Binge Watch: Spielberg in the 2010s

The latest from Steven Spielberg, a new take on West Side Story, opens on Friday. Spielberg is one of the most prolific directors with a career of hits spanning five decades. His most recent work has offered some interesting films that have a little less renowned. For this week’s Binge Watch I’m taking a look … Continue reading Binge Watch: Spielberg in the 2010s