Author: knighthawk7734

Binge Watch: Las Vegas Comedies

I turned 40 years old on Tuesday, and to celebrate my wife and I hit Las Vegas. There are few places that spring to mind as quickly as Las Vegas when it comes to a place to get away and party, or a place where that revelry can go off the rails. Hopefully that won’t … Continue reading Binge Watch: Las Vegas Comedies

NFL Draft Winners and Losers

The 2021 NFL Draft began Thursday and wrapped up on Saturday. A total of 259 players were selected and some of the people most interested in who those selections would be were NFL veterans wondering who their team would select and if that player would be at their position. Some got added competition, others were … Continue reading NFL Draft Winners and Losers

Undrafted Free Agents to Watch

The 2021 NFL Draft concluded on Saturday after three days and 259 selections over seven rounds. Almost immediately, a flurry of signings took place as teams brought in draft-eligible players that weren’t selected. Every year undrafted free agent signings make the final 53-man roster for teams and have an impact on the field during the … Continue reading Undrafted Free Agents to Watch

NFL Draft: Day 3 Fantasy Relevant Prospects

The 2021 NFL Draft wound up on Saturday with the final four rounds. I had live reaction to Round One Thursday and looked at relevant Day 2 picks from Friday. Today, I’m looking at the fantasy relevant players (quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers and tight ends) selected on the final day of the draft. Below … Continue reading NFL Draft: Day 3 Fantasy Relevant Prospects