MTV Entertainment Studios unveils an expansive lineup of 90+ new and returning series across Paramount Media Networks and Paramount+

MTV made some news across the globe today with some massive announcements today with 90+ new and returning series across all of Paramount Media Networks. Here is all the details regarding which shows will return and which new shows will debut on MTV, Paramount+, Comedy Central, VH1, CMT, Smithsonian Channel, MTV New Series  Buckhead Shore... Continue Reading →

Nashville Dads Club – Coffee Connoisseur Part 2 featuring AT Branch

Tomorrow morning the season finale of Nashville Dads Club arrives and the title of the episode is Coffee Connoisseur Part 2. We have all the details including the trailer, the celebrity guest star and more to share with you today. Tune-In tomorrow to watch the season finale episode of Nashville Dads Club "Coffee Connoisseur Part Deux: French Press" featuring... Continue Reading →

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