First Look at Kristen Stewart in Spencer

What a wakeup call! Kristen Stewart has made her debut as Princess Diana! Principal photography has begun on Pablo Larraín’s Spencer, with production delivering the first look of Stewart as the young princess.

This is something very personal to me as Larraín’s previous leading lady biopic Jackie was one of my favorite films of the year it was released and I am still campaigning for Miss Natalie Portman’s titular role. As a huge fan of The Crown, I’m excited to see how this film picks up essentially where the show’s last season left off.

Written by Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight, the film focuses on one weekend in the life of Princess Diana, rather than just a traditional biopic following her life. The film will follow as she spends the Christmas holiday with the Royal Family at an estate in Norfolk and decides to end her marriage with Prince Charles.

The cast also includes Timothy Spall, Academy Award nominee Sally Hawkins and Sean Harris. Filming will take place in Europe and a Fall 2021 premiere is indicated. 2022 will mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of Diana’s death.

Are you excited for another royal biopic? If you need to catch up on all things royal, I suggest watching all seasons of The Crown (not just the Diana one! They’re all very important) and then check out my list of recommended follow ups to the Netflix series.

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