Author: Kenzie Vanunu

Chris Pine – Quarantine Fashion Icon

Chris Pine – Quarantine Fashion Icon

Many celeb sightings this summer have been a little boring due to COVID19. Chris Evans eating ice cream with the Lily James in a park. Chrissy Teigen picking up pizza. Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas getting their daily Dunkin’ Donuts fix. One actor decided to make sure we had something to talk about. I’m … Continue reading Chris Pine – Quarantine Fashion Icon

Is Adam Driver Hot?

What started as an innocent question has now turned into a heated debated. I can easily divide my friends and mutuals into two groups, those who think Adam Driver is hot and those who DO NOT think Adam Driver is attractive. I took various polls on social media and it was actually quite close throughout … Continue reading Is Adam Driver Hot?

What to Watch on Streaming – August

It’s August, which means there are plenty of new movies to stream on all your favorite streaming platforms! Below is a list of new movies to watch on various streaming platforms with some in bold based on my personal recommendations.NETFLIX:Available 8/1:A Knight’s TaleActs of ViolenceAn EducationBeing John MalkovichDeath at a FuneralEternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindJurassic ParkJurassic … Continue reading What to Watch on Streaming – August

Willem Dafoe’s Best Performances – on his birthday!

In honor of William James "Willem" Dafoe’s 65th birthday, I wanted to look back over my personal favorite performances he’s provided us over the last three decades. Willem is one of the most talented, risk-taking, handsome (yeah, I said it) and versatile actors working today. It was pretty difficult trying to put together a list … Continue reading Willem Dafoe’s Best Performances – on his birthday!