Binge Watch: Warwick Davis

A new series for the character Willow launches on Disney+ this week. It’s a classic film, which I’ll touch on below. But this week, for Binge Watch, I wanted to look at its star, Warwick Davis, who has been the backbone of a number of film franchises over the years. Below is a snapshot of... Continue Reading →

Ricky’s Movie Review Roundup

Over the Thanksgiving break, I watched a load of movies because it is that time of the year. Screener season is one of my favorites because I can watch stuff I either missed or brand-new stuff I haven't gotten around to. I had a chance to check out some Oscar contenders, hopefuls, and movies that... Continue Reading →

Matt’s Movie Review Roundup

Thanksgiving weekend is a time to relax and be with family. But it was also a wild weekend for me getting back to the theater! Below are some of the movies I caught this weekend. If you’d like to see more of my scores for films and thoughts, feel free to follow me on Letterboxd... Continue Reading →

‘The Fabelmans’ Review

For whatever reason, it has been extremely common for directors to make autobiographical films about their childhoods lately. Kenneth Branagh’s done it, Paul Thomas Anderson’s done it, James Gray’s done it, and now Steven Speilberg’s done it. While “The Fabelmans” is certainly a great movie, it’s a far more ordinary take on the coming-of-age genre... Continue Reading →

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