‘The Boys’ Season 3: ‘Herogasm’ is the Toe-Curling Escapade We’ve Been Waiting For

Eric Kripke brings the moment every fan of The Boys has been waiting for with the third season’s sixth episode but does ‘Herogasm’ fulfill our expectations? Or are we left blue-balled in agony? The story is well and truly underway as everything begins to reach a boiling point for the disgraced superhero bunch and vigilante... Continue Reading →

Spring TV Roundup, Week 6

Spring is quickly turning into Summer… most places anyway. Here in Colorado, we got about a foot of snow on Friday, which made for a cozy weekend of staying in doors and checking out all my options. If you, too, find yourself looking to spend some time on the couch, you might be wondering what... Continue Reading →

Spring TV Roundup, Week 4

We’re past Mother’s Day but continuing to see a flood of new offerings as we turn the corner from Spring toward Summer. Perhaps you have some more free time, or you feel like kicking back and watching a show. But which of these new offerings is worth your time to binge? Let this weekly post... Continue Reading →

Spring TV Roundup, Week 2

Spring is springing up everywhere. As we turn toward May, the next TV season begins to come into focus. We’ll find out what’s cancelled, what’s coming and what we should look forward to. But that’s all the future. The present is a variety of different series debuting this Spring hoping to hook viewers. But what’s... Continue Reading →

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