Cyberpunk Edgerunners is a Masterpiece

The newest anime to hit Netflix comes from Studio Trigger and is a return to the world of Night City and CD Project Reds latest video game, Cyberpunk 2077. The show starts you off in 2076, just one year before the events of the video game with David Martinez and his everyday life with attending... Continue Reading →

Demon Slayer Hits the Gaming Scene

The 3D fighting game, being developed by CyberConnect2 and Published by Sega and Aniplex, holds the moniker The Hinokami Chronicles and looks to bring back the cast of Demon Slayer in their respective roles from the English dub of the anime. The game's solo mode will revisit the events of the anime series starting from... Continue Reading →

The Best And Worst Of E3 2021

It's been nearly a week since E3 2021, and consumers are still talking about the events that transpired during the expo. Some events left an imprint on their fanbase while others left their users to question why they attended this showcase, to begin with. And people are wondering if E3 is relevant for major publishers... Continue Reading →

Nintendo Direct E3 2021 Announcements

E3 2021 Day 4 .This thread will provide a rundown of all of the announcements of the Nintendo Direct showcase. Super Smash Bros. Ultimat: Kazuya Reveal Trailer Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania: Announcement Trailer Mario Party Superstars: Announcement Trailer WarioWare: Get It Together: Announcement Trailer Shin Megami Tensei V: Release Date... Continue Reading →

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