2020 Best Supporting Actor

As countdown the end of the year, it amazes me what a whirlwind of a year it has been, especially in the world of film. For the majority of 2020, movie theaters have been closed, streaming has become the new king, and we have witnessed a pandemic as this generation has yet to see. 2021 looks bleak as far as when movies will be back out again for the norm. Still, today, I continue my series of best of which will last over a multitude of pieces that will include my top 10 films, tackling all four acting categories, most disappointed, and whatever other I muster up.

Today, I turn my attention to the Best Supporting Actor performances of the year.

5. Wil Wheaton – Rent-A-Pal (Available on Hulu)

I have not been shy about my love of this film, and Wil Wheaton as Andy is downright creepy, scary, and BRILLIANTLY acted simultaneously. Wheaton shows a side we had never seen before and something I would love to see more out of him in the future.

4. Paul Raci – Sound of Metal (Available on Prime Video)

Sound of Metal has three phenomenal performances, including one of the most powerful scenes of any film this year with Raci and Ahmed with Raci showcases this emotional, in-depth range that blew me away. It was one of those scenes you instantly know you will never forget.

My interview with Paul Raci.

3. Bill Burr – The King of Staten Island

If you had told me before this year that it would be the year of Pete Davidson and that Bill Burr would give one of my favorite performances in a movie, I would have laughed at you. Burr is magnificent in this film as Ray Bishop, the new guy in town falling for Scott’s (Davidson) mom, and the relationship and how it developed throughout the film was one of the year’s best arcs.

2. Mark Rylance – The Trial of the Chicago 7 (Available on Netflix)

Although on the surface, Rylance’s character William Kunstler doesn’t seem like he would be that guy, the depth of which we see him go is insane. From the early stages of Kunstler stands for Bobby Seale and tries to help him, he consistently challenges the judge, even to the point of frustration and his witts end, and what we see within Rylance is nothing short of remarkable. As the film progresses, we see Rylance go from a lawyer trying to help his clients to a man trying to rectify the wrongdoings of this case. The one scene in particular that Rylance/Redmayne share towards the end of the film is powerful, raw, vicious, and singlehandedly the best written/acted scene of the year.

1. Leslie Odom Jr. – One Night in Miami (Available on Prime Video Jan. 15th)

From my review: I would be remiss not to talk more in-depth about my love for Leslie Odom Jr. in this movie. His performance as Sam Cooke was spectacular on every level. The swagger, the body language, the emotion behind his words, he was Sam Cooke, and the final four to five minutes of this film, I re-watched ten times because of the powerful performance that ended the movie. Please give me a Sam Cooke movie starring Leslie Odom Jr. asap.

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