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Hulu Original Movie Sex Appeal Review

Hulu Original Movie Sex Appeal Review

Director by: Talia OsteenWriter: Tate HanyokStarring Paris Jackson, Fortune Feimster, Paisley Herrera, Margaret ChoPlot: Avery, a teenager with a tendency towards perfectionism who enlists her friend Larson to help her prepare for her first time with her long-distance boyfriend. https://youtu.be/A207HN4bRJM We meet Avery (Mika Abdalla), who, like the plot suggests, is a perfectionist, in school, … Continue reading Hulu Original Movie Sex Appeal Review

Fall TV Roundup, Week 15

We’re rapidly racing our way through December. In fact, there is only two more weeks of the Fall Roundup left before we turn the page to the Winter Roundup in January. Though the calendar is rapidly closing in on the end of 2021, the plethora of viewing channels continues to churn out original programming. Between … Continue reading Fall TV Roundup, Week 15

2021 Gotham Independent Film Awards Predictions

Before the 2021 Gotham Awards, check in and see what films and TV we think will walk away with a few awards.

MCDI Trailer House! (Black Friday)

Welcome back to the end of the week! We hope you're still well fed and if you're exploring options for your home theater with this weeks discounts, you're probably considering a future movie night! Here are some spotlights for the near future of entertainment: "Santa Inc."... I'm not even sure I want to promote this. … Continue reading MCDI Trailer House! (Black Friday)