The Daphne Project’s Zora Iman Crews talking Directing, Writing and Starring in the Film

A brand new film in The Daphne Project is scheduled to open in theaters beginning July 22. It will release on Fuse+ later this year. We had the chance to sit down and chat with Co-director/Co-Writer/Star Zora Iman Crews. Plot: Daphne Wilco, actress and social justice warrior wreaks havoc on the production of Euripides' "The... Continue Reading →

The Best Movies of 2021

I've clocked a little over 500 movies watched in 2021, with close to 400 of those being 2021 releases. Every year I sit down around this time to put together the best of the best. So today, I share my list of the best movies of 2021. When I make this list, I hope you... Continue Reading →

My Letter to Evan Hansen

Dear Evan Hansen, It turns out this wasn't an amazing day after all. This isn't going to be an amazing review or even a nice one. Because why would it be? Oh, I know. Because there are the writers. And all my hope is pinned on the fact that they understand how problematic their writing... Continue Reading →

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