The Last of Us Finale: Look for the Light

After a dramatic recap of all the previous episodes, this episode begins with a pregnant woman, Anna, running into a large house in a field. Her water breaks as she runs up the stairs and blocks the door behind her. Unfortunately, it is not enough because an Infected forces their way into the room. As... Continue Reading →

Winter TV Roundup, Week 11

We’re cruising through March and still getting new offerings. While the peak of the Winter season has passed, we’ve still got plenty coming the next few weeks. But what shows should you put on your Spring Break bucket list? Let this weekly post be your guide as I look at the pilot and second episode... Continue Reading →

Winter TV Roundup, Week 10

We’re making our way through March, and that means a host of new shows popping off. But what of those new shows are worth making time to watch? Let this weekly post be your guide as I review the pilot and second episode of new scripted series. Don’t see a new show listed below? Check... Continue Reading →

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