Nickelodeon ‘The Really Loud House’ star Eva Carlton Interview

Nickelodeon is set to bring out a live-action version of the fan-favorite animated series, The Loud House, with The Really Loud House. The series follows 12-year-old Lincoln Loud as he goes on a new adventure with his best friend, Clyde Mcbride, while also navigating living with 10 sisters. One of those sisters is Leni Loud,... Continue Reading →

Reed’s Point Star Sasha Anne Interview

Celebrity influencer Sasha Anne is not shy to the camera. She has over 3 million views on her Youtube Channel, including a Short Award Winner for her Wonder Woman makeup transformation. She recently released a single, "Catch Me I'm Falling," and now she made her acting debut in the film Reed's Point. Reed's Point follows... Continue Reading →

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