Binge Watch: Best TV Episodes of 2020

Well, we're a couple weeks into 2021, and I hope your new year is going better than your last year. For the past few weeks I've been sharing my favorite from the world of TV and Movies in 2020. For this final 2020 retrospective, I'm looking at my favorite TV episodes of 2020. 10. "Tom... Continue Reading →

2020 Best Supporting Actor

As countdown the end of the year, it amazes me what a whirlwind of a year it has been, especially in the world of film. For the majority of 2020, movie theaters have been closed, streaming has become the new king, and we have witnessed a pandemic as this generation has yet to see. 2021... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Films of 2020

First off Happy New Year to all. 2020 was a rocky year all around, and I hope the best for everyone for a much more enjoyable 2021. For people of all ages, this was an extremely difficult year just to try to make it through. Films this year, albeit a small issue on the grand... Continue Reading →

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