And the Hollyshorts OSCAR®-qualifier goes to…

We have the winners of the 18th Annual Hollyshorts Film Festival 2022 Winners to share with you today! Previous HollyShorts Film Festival OSCAR® winners presented prizes at the 2022 Awards at the Chinese Theatre on August 20th, to celebrate and support the new winners.  This year's Academy Award Winners for Live Action Short Film Riz... Continue Reading →

Official Trailer for TILL starring Danielle Deadwyler, Jalyn Hall and Whoopi Goldberg

The official trailer for the upcoming film Till has arrived. The film follows the story of Emmett Till and Mamie Till Mobley. In Select Theaters October 14thEverywhere October 28th Directed by: Chinonye ChukwuWritten by: Michael Reilly & Keith Beauchamp and Chinonye ChukwuCast: Danielle Deadwyler, Jalyn Hall, Frankie Faison, Haley Bennett, and Whoopi Goldberg Till is a profoundly... Continue Reading →

2023 Oscar Predictions (July)

Halfway through 2022, and I think the Oscar potentials for the 2023 Academy Awards are coming more and more clear. Though we’re still awaiting some probable juggernauts (Babylon, ‘Flower Moon), most of this year’s releases have been announced (though some like Rustin and Shirley are up in the air i.e. why they’re not very high)... Continue Reading →

Recapping the 2022 Oscars

While the 2021 season was the longest awards season, at least in recent memory, the 2022 season definitely felt like the longest awards season in some time. Back and forth, up and down, the season would go from predictable to unpredictable and right back. After sitting with it for a day, this probably was one... Continue Reading →

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