Is Adam Driver Hot?

What started as an innocent question has now turned into a heated debated. I can easily divide my friends and mutuals into two groups, those who think Adam Driver is hot and those who DO NOT think Adam Driver is attractive. I took various polls on social media and it was actually quite close throughout the voting period. (gathering measurable data, duh!)

I bombarded all my friends with photos of Driver asking “IS HE HOT?” and getting hit with either an aggressive “yesssss” or “absolutely not!” There was no middle here; it was either he is hot or he is not. Apparently, being attracted to Adam Driver is as serious as if you like cilantro or not (pro-cilantro here). What is the truth here? Is Adam Driver hot?

Some of my friends just noted he’s hot because he’s tall. Studies show that people who are attracted to men are often attracted to tall men. Adam Driver is 6’2”; so, he’s tall, but not overpowering. Some other friends were a little more graphic with their love for Driver, but didn’t get any confirmation of to what makes Driver hot, just that he’s hot and they want to “climb him like a tree.”

For me personally, I think it’s an attractive quality that Spike Lee and Martin Scorsese both adore Adam Driver. What better mutuals to have on Team Adam Driver is hot than Spike Lee and Martin Scorsese? Maybe they just both hype him up as an actor, but we’ll take that as confirming he’s hot for our data collecting purposes.

Now, I have only seen one Star Wars movie ever (I know, I know) and it is the first film in the installment starring Driver. I will admit, the movie I saw was definitely a thirst trap set out for Driver. This is what I took away from Star Wars. We’ll also mark Star Wars in the Adam Driver is hot column.

Those who firmly do not think Driver is hot say he has “large, weird features” and is “just tall and is in Star Wars.”One of my (now ex) friends took it too far by saying he’s “all legs and just a big mouth.” For those not attracted to Driver, they said they were found Jason Momoa, Chris Evans and Tom Holland, so take that for what you will.

Driver has received two Academy Award nominations, but has yet to win. Is this a check for the “not hot” column? I mean, he did lose to a clown performance… I’ve reached out to the Academy for comment, have not heard back.

While we may never know a firm answer to the question “Is Adam Driver Hot?”, I do think it’s safe to say that majority of people polled are on Team Adam Driver is Hot. Are we DRIVER-HEADS? Or ADAM-NATION? Let me know and we’ll get t-shirts made.  

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