NFL Week Four: The Best Tweets from Week Four of the NFL

Week four of the NFL was about as crazy of a Week four as we have ever seen. So many upsets, and so many missed kicks, but the one thing we did love was the number of great Tweets we saw. We gathered up the Best Tweets of Week Two of the NFL. The Best... Continue Reading →

News Or Noise: Week Five Edition

I hope the defender is okay Derrick Henry is a force of nature. Over the first four games of the season he is averaging 127.5 yards per game on the ground. In the age of the timeshare, Henry stands alone, getting 28.5 rushing attempts per game. That's more than some teams are averaging per game... Continue Reading →

NFL Offseason: Quarterback Carousel

The offseason has arrived for 28 other teams, and the quarterback carousel has just begun. Philip Rivers announced his retirement, Drew Brees is said to be next, and some other teams with huge questions marks at the franchise position. Although Free Agency and the draft are a long way away, I wanted to have a... Continue Reading →

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