“The Flight Attendant” Episode 7 – Recap

The Flight Attendant episode 7, No Exit, sees Cassie (Kaley Cuoco) back in Los Angeles with Shane (Griffin Matthews). While he’s still mad at her for outing him as a CIA agent to his boyfriend, he agrees that Cassie shouldn’t be framed for an international global conspiracy. They’re at the marina looking for a boat whose registration number was on a picture in the ViewMaster.

They find the boat in question and onboard are three dead bodies. Cassie recognizes one of the dead bodies as the man she saw in Berlin right before the car bomb went off. She then notices her other missing red glove and hides it in her purse without Shane seeing.

Cassie brings Shane to meet with Annie (Zosia Mamet) and Max (Deniz Akdeniz) at her house. Shane has realized that there are three slides on the ViewMaster and two of the three have been a location where someone died. He believes the third location on the last ViewMaster slide is where Cassie’s double plans to murder the real Cassie so she can be framed for the other deaths.

Megan (Rosie Perez) is still in New York on Long Island watching out for her son, Eli (David Iacono), from afar. A North Korean operative confronts her about any remaining evidence she has. Megan pops the trunk of her car and tells him the evidence she has is in the bag in the trunk. When he leans in to get the bag, Megan closes the trunk on him and hits him with a tire iron before stuffing him in the trunk.

Megan calls Cassie from the side of the road in New Jersey. She’s trying to figure out what to do with the North Korean agent in the back of her car and wants Cassie to broker a meeting between herself and Shane. Megan remembers Shane being in Iceland at the same time as Cassie and believes this is her ticket out. She wants to trade evidence in order for CIA protection.

Max has cracked the final image on the ViewMaster. It’s an amusement park ride on a pier. The only logical explanation is one of the rides on the Santa Monica Pier. Shane agrees to accompany Cassie on her suicide run to the pier. He tells her to sit on a bench at the beginning of the pier and to stay put while he searches for the double. Of course Cassie can’t sit still and almost immediately runs to the carousel building because she saw a blond woman enter. In her search, Cassie runs into her CIA handler Benjamin (Mo McRae) who she thinks has something to do with the greater conspiracy. Cassie runs away from him and jumps on the Ferris Wheel in the exact car from the final ViewMaster slide.

When the ride reaches its peak, Cassie sees Shane confront Benjamin. She uses her phone’s camera to get a better look at the two. From Cassie’s angle, it’s unclear what actually happened, but Cassie sees Shane crumple to the ground.

Not to be left out, Max and Annie also go to the pier despite Shane’s insistence that they stay home. While investigating the arcade, Max catches sight of the Diazes (Callie Hernandez and Joseph Julian Soria). It seems they haven’t forgiven Max and Annie for stealing their laptop. While not the criminal masterminds, Annie and Max are able to create a diversion and knock out the Diazes.

The biggest reveal of the episode is the person behind the double. It’s been Cassie’s newfound friend, Grace (Mae Martin), this whole time. She’s a contract killer who only got into this line of work as a means to get out of the army at any cost. It wasn’t Benjamin who stabbed Shane, but Grace as she was making her way to catch Cassie on the Ferris Wheel.

In an attempt to evade Grace, Cassie begs to go on the Ferris Wheel again, but Grace joins her. Grace starts explaining how much she doesn’t want to be killing people. Cassie tries to reason with her and say there’s a way out, but Grace is feeling hopeless. Cassie brings up the ViewMaster, but Grace has no idea what she’s talking about and continues to wish she could be free of these murderous obligations. In the end, the only way out Grace sees is shooting herself in the head.

With one final episode of The Flight Attendant season 2, the show has created quite the lead-up to the finale. We may know who the double is, but we still know nothing about the person or organization that wants Cassie framed for these murders.

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