The Flight Attendant – Season 2, Ep 6

Brothers & Sisters picks up in the immediate aftermath of Cassie’s (Kaley Cuoco) relapse. She’s worried that Annie (Zosia Mamet) will judge her or be disappointed in her relapse, but Annie is nothing but supportive to Cassie. Their heart-to-heart is cut short by a knock at Cassie’s apartment door. Her CIA handler, Benjamin Berry (Mo... Continue Reading →

The Flight Attendant: Episode 5 Recap

Drowning Woman opens with Cassie (Kaley Cuoco) waking up from her rendezvous with her CIA handler, Benjamin (Mo McRae). He’s still sleeping, so Cassie snoops around his office and finds photos of dead bodies with her missing red glove and a filled-out psych evaluation. She quickly skims the answers, but none of them are hers.... Continue Reading →

Minx Episodes 9 + 10: Recap and Review

A Scintillating Conversation About a Lethal Pesticide begins with Shelly (Lennon Parham) and her husband. Two episodes ago, Joyce (Ophelia Lovibond) revealed on a radio broadcast that Shelly has never had an orgasm with her husband. There’s a series of Shelly’s imagined fantasies with Fabio-like men, but it’s still not working. Shelly is frustrated and... Continue Reading →

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