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Binge Watch: Mini-Series

When I was growing up, the TV mini series was always a big event. Those stories, told two hours at a time over three or four nights, left some big memories. Now, mini series have morphed into limited series, and we get a few great ones each year. But they aren’t all winners. Recently The … Continue reading Binge Watch: Mini-Series

Winter TV Roundup, Week 9

Meteorological Spring began on March 1, so we're starting to emerge from our long winter season. Spring brings with it the promise of new growth and, often, new shows. We're seeing networks, cable channels and the multitude of streaming outlets begin to produce new content, but what of it should you check out? Let these … Continue reading Winter TV Roundup, Week 9

It’s a Sin (2021) Series Review

It’s a Sin (2021) Series Review

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnR5DxP2e2g As misinformation spreads about an unknown disease, a group of misfits takes to London in the hope of finding love and success in the 80s. Russell T. Davies’ five-part drama is every bit as eccentric as it is heartbreaking as he explores the AIDS epidemic and the stigma that came with it. Davies creates … Continue reading It’s a Sin (2021) Series Review