We need to #FreeBritney Now

We need to #FreeBritney Now


a person responsible for the repair and preservation of works of art, buildings, or other things of cultural or environmental interest.”the wall decoration was discovered by conservators repairing damage caused by a leaking roof”
a guardian or protector.”the court does not need to appoint a conservator to handle an incapacitated person’s affairs”

I could talk about the documentary, I could speak of Britney, I could talk about her career, but I want to shift the focus to who’s to blame for this, and that’s Jamie Spears and the Paparazzi. 

First, it blows my mind to think that all Britney would have to be is a man, and she wouldn’t have gone through any of this. It would be painted as oh “, he’s just a kid” or “boys going to be boys.” The stigma has got to change.

Another stigma that must change is our lack of talking about Mental Health and making light of it. Mental health isn’t a joke, and for far too long as we see in this documentary, it is not taken seriously enough. Another issue is that people like Britney Spears aren’t allowed not to be okay, which’s an issue.

Speaking of not being okay, we saw the breakdown of Britney one night when she was trying to see her kids, and at this point, we see this documentary talk to Daniel Ramos, who wanted to speak to Britney that night. “Are you okay?” he asked, and let me pause right here. A guy who has made a ton of money taking pictures of this woman in her most vulnerable states is trying to play a martyr? From what? Britney, visibly hurting from not seeing her kids, attempts two separate times to go, and he follows after both occasions, and she snaps.

And here, he wants to play the martyr because she hit his car with an UMBRELLA, not a gun, not a tire iron, not a knife, A UMBRELLA. Daniel Ramos, you were part of the reason why she snapped that day. The consisted hounding of her, she wasn’t allowed to eat in privacy, go to the bathroom inside a store in privacy, but you want to play a martyr? You are a trash human being and part of the problem.

Moving on, an absent father decides to become a present father when he knew he could have control? In 2008, Jamie Spears was given temporary conservatorship, which gave him complete control over Britney, LITERALLY. From her estate to her health to negotiating her business deals and who could or couldn’t see her.

Let’s think about this for a moment, you spend your entire life building this brand and making hundreds of millions of dollars, yet you have zero control over what you can or cannot spend? Because your father decides to intervene and say she isn’t mentally capable of doing it herself.

Now let me say, is Britney okay? We don’t know. I am sure she has gone through her share of stress throughout her life, from the paparazzi shoved up her ass 24/7 to becoming a session at a young age to being consistently trying to be controlled by her own family. Would you be okay? She should be allowed NOT to be okay and still be able to live her life.

Jamie stepped down in 2019 from the conservatorship because of an incident with Spear’s 14-year-old son. Yes, you read that right, the man in control of Britney Spears for the last 13 years had a physical altercation with a 14-year-old, and we are to believe this is the guy that was fit to lead as primary conservator? (side note: even though he stepped down, he is still the conservator of her estate)

In December, the conservatorship was extended until Sept. 2021, but Today, February 11th, Britney’s lawyer’s fight to end this many-year battle against Jamie and hopefully, put an end to this tragic story and, ultimately, Freeing Britney.

I urge everyone to watch this documentary, which honestly is only a small piece of what has transpired over the years, but watch it and understand that what has happened to Britney is not okay. She is ultimately paying the price for a broken system that is unfair and, more importantly, paying the price for years of abuse from paparazzi, magazines, talk show host, social media, and so much more.

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