That’s Hot: Paris Hilton on “Sliving”

While the days of Paris Hilton cooing her signature “That’s hot” catchphrase on the hit reality TV show The Simple Life are long gone, that doesn’t mean things have slowed down for the heiress turned businesswoman! These days she’s positively “sliving,” a term she coined from the words “slaying” and “living” to encapsulate her life as of... Continue Reading →

We need to #FreeBritney Now

con·ser·va·tor/ a person responsible for the repair and preservation of works of art, buildings, or other things of cultural or environmental interest."the wall decoration was discovered by conservators repairing damage caused by a leaking roof"a guardian or protector."the court does not need to appoint a conservator to handle an incapacitated person's affairs" I could talk... Continue Reading →

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