Actors You May Have Forgotten Were on The OC

Rewatching The OC from season one, episode one, you realize there were a ton of famous actors on this show you may have forgotten about. Yes, we all know this is where Adam Brody, Ben McKenzie and Rachel Bilson rose to fame, but did you remember Paris Hilton was on the hit teen drama? What about Shailene Woodley? If you forgot these stars were on the show, there are probably many, many more actors you may have forgotten made guest appearances on The OC.

Alert – mild spoilers ahead in case you haven’t watched the show, but wanted to check out the list.

Olivia Wilde

A younger, blonder Olivia Wilde appeared on The OC at first as the manager of The Bait Shop, but then as a brief love interest of Marissa Cooper!

Nikki Reed

Nikki Reed is in many things near and dear to me (Thirteen, Twilight), so I could never forget her turn as Johnny’s (ew Johnny) cousin, Sadie. She’s a brief love interest for Ryan that also makes jewelry!

Paul Wesley

Another vampire on this list! Paul Wesley is barely on The OC, but he does manage to shoot Luke in one of his two episodes in the first season.

Amber Heard

Amber Heard has a brief appearance. Like blink and you will miss her literally. Heard plays an employee at a mall that ends up locking in the gang at the mall overnight.

Paris Hilton

When the gang visits LA for a night out, they run into none other than, Paris Hilton. Hilton plays a highly intelligent version of herself that runs into Seth and still manages to take some selfies.

Bella Thorne

Before her Only Fans debut, Bella Thorne played a young Taylor Townshend in a flashback in season four of The OC.

Chris Pratt

Before Chris Pratt was in dinosaur movies, he landed a pivotal part in the forth season of The OC. Was his character the worst? Possibly. Was he important to Summer’s later character development? Yes. So we excuse our dislike for Pratt to give him some credit on the show’s worst season.

Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley played Marissa’s younger sister, Kaitlin, on the first season of the show. While she barely had any scenes, we could never forget her horse, China, before her character went off to boarding school.

Morena Baccarin

Ben McKenzie’s now wife made an appearance on The OC! Too cute. Morena Baccarin was on season three of the show dating a colleague of Sandy’s.

Max Greenfield

Long before Max Greenfield was on New Girl, he was playing Sandy Cohen in a flashback on The OC. It must have been the eyebrows.

Jaime King

Before starring on Hart of Dixie with Rachel Bilson, Jaime King was on one episode of The OC making some moves on Seth Cohen.

Jackson Rathbone

I cannot get over how many Twilight alums are on the list. Jackson Rathbone was very briefly on the fourth season as a schoolmate of Kaitlin Cooper’s.

Ashley Benson

Before Ashley Benson had a leading role on Pretty Little Liars, she had a brief appearance on The OC as a typical mean girl in season four opposite an older Kaitlin Cooper.

Lucy Hale

Another Pretty Little Liars star, another brief appearance on The OC. Hale played one of Caitlin Cooper’s classmates at boarding school.

AnnaLynne McCord

Before AnnaLynne McCord was starring on 90210, she was in a different zip code in California making some moves on Marissa Cooper’s boyfriend in season three of The OC.

Chris Brown

Yeah, that Chris Brown. Brown was on season four of The OC and played a brief love interest of Kaitlin Cooper.

Logan Marshall-Green

Before Upgrade and many Tom Hardy comparison jokes, Logan Marshall-Green played Ryan Atwood’s older brother on The OC. While he wasn’t the original actor playing Trey, he did play him for more episodes until his untimely exit.

Cam Gigandet

Another vampire!! Did Twilight cast from this show or something? Cam Gigandet played everyone’s least favorite character, but played him very well if you ask me.


Steve-o from Jackass was definitely on The OC and was definitely crazy.

Colin Hanks

Yeah, Tom Hanks’ son was on The OC! Colin Hanks played an actor on Summer Roberts’ favorite show, The Valley.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Before he was on The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan played an old friend of Sandy’s that had wound up in prison.

Kat Graham

Not a vampire, but an actress from a vampire filled show! Kat Graham was briefly on The OC in season three.

Emmanuelle Chriqui

The Entourage star was on The OC as the exgirlfriend of Alex, played by Olivia Wilde.

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