That’s Hot: Paris Hilton on “Sliving”

That’s Hot: Paris Hilton on “Sliving”

While the days of Paris Hilton cooing her signature “That’s hot” catchphrase on the hit reality TV show The Simple Life are long gone, that doesn’t mean things have slowed down for the heiress turned businesswoman! These days she’s positively “sliving,” a term she coined from the words “slaying” and “living” to encapsulate her life as of late as she conquers one accomplishment after another. She’s declared it as the new “that’s hot” of today, even going as far as to name her home the Slivington Manor. Here’s how Ms. Hilton is sliving her best life today.

Post-Documentary Success

While she might have stepped out of the Hollywood spotlight for some time, it was by no means a hiatus. Her 2020 documentary This Is Paris let audiences have a sneak peek at Paris’ continuous drive and ambition, her impossibly tight schedule, and the stresses that come along with being on the go every hour of every day.

The stress aspect sparked inspiration in the entrepreneur, who then endorsed a new line of supplements for stress management called R3SET®, launched in the spring of 2020. Unlike other supplements that claim to obliterate stress, R3SET® takes a more holistic approach by balancing the body’s natural response to reduce it. Hilton has joined the team as an executive team member and investor as well as taking on a role in the company’s board.

Cryptocurrency and NFT Endeavors

Someone as successful as Paris Hilton would know a thing or two about money and investments, and sure enough, it’s no surprise to find her dabbling in the world of cryptocurrency. Though her bitcoin investment did raise a few eyebrows, many welcomed her into the community after she revealed her involvement in an interview.

Hilton has also launched her own non-fungible token (NFT), gushing in excitement and claiming that “it is the future.” For the uninitiated, NFTs function as certificates of ownership for both virtual or physical assets in the digital world. Digital files, which are easily duplicated, can become ‘tokenized’ for a digital certificate of ownership with a record on a shared ledger, known as the blockchain. Hilton has made a name for herself in this community by shining the spotlight on other NFT artists in order to democratize art and allow creators to directly engage with fans — showing a clear understanding of the technology and using her platform to bring it into the mainstream.

Unwinding, Paris Style

Although this businesswoman is especially busy, she certainly knows how to unwind when the occasion calls for it. Aside from a yachting vacation with her beau Carter Reum and spoiling her Chihuahua, Diamond Baby, with Hermès bags, Paris also has some unique and less predictable hobbies that she enjoys. Not only does she love fishing, but according to a report by, she also enjoys frog hunting, an activity she does on her private island and ranches in California and Nevada. Not to worry — no frogs are actually harmed in the process! She just puts them in a bucket and lets them go afterward.

Another respite from her hectic lifestyle as an entrepreneur may be just as surprising as her frog hunting hobby. Hilton has also turned her love for DJing into an actual profession, impressively holding down a five-year residency in Amnesia club in Ibiza. She has also performed at the world-renowned Tomorrowland music festival more than once, where reports she stole the show! Despite criticisms, she has continued to pursue and enjoy playing energized sets for crowds.

Whether she’s out flaunting matching bags with Kim Kardashian in Paddington, playing a set at a music festival, or focusing on her business endeavors, one thing’s for sure: Paris Hilton is still a force to be reckoned with. And there’s only one way to describe this level of sliving — that’s hot.

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