That’s Hot! Paris Hilton’s Best Looks

That’s Hot! Paris Hilton’s Best Looks

In honor of Paris Hilton’s upcoming YouTube documentary, This is Paris, I wanted to do something in honor of the pop culture queen. Yes, the woman responsible for Kim Kardashian (no offense to the devil, I mean Kris Jenner). For the last 20 plus years, Paris Hilton has not only dominated headlines, but also dominated the fashion world. Maybe not in a way that appeals to everyone, but definitely to me. No one rocked early 2000’s looks better than Paris Hilton.

Here are some of my favorite looks of the woman behind pop smah hits, such as Stars are Blind and Nothing in This World. (STREAM BOTH NOW!)

Kim K following Paris around, what else is new? This is a peak 2000s look with the headband matching her belt and shoes.

The sunglasses, the arm warmers, the graphic tee all combined with a beautiful necklace. We love to see it.

SO MUCH TO UNPACK HERE. The Dior saddle bag. The tan. The hair extensions. The skirt with the belt.

This is a looook. The low rise jeans with the pink detailing. The different shade of pink jacket.

Paris Hilton at the Moomba in Los Angeles, California (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/WireImage)

No one goes for a monochromatic look stronger than Paris. The white bucket hat with the white boots and purse.

Who rocked a denim mini mini MINI skirt better than Miss Hilton? No one.

Paris Hilton at the GQ Lounge in Los Angeles, California (Photo by Jeff Vespa/WireImage)

This birthday ensemble is SO Paris Hilton. No one could work a dress with so much going on in such a short length better than Paris.

This shirt is extremely inappropriate, but Paris makes it work. Complimented by some heavy make up and some loooow rise pants.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – DECEMBER 31: *** EXCLUSIVE *** HIGHER RATES APPLY; CALL FOR IMAGE Heiress Paris Hilton nearly causes a riot as she shops with friend Kim Kardashian in Paddington on December 31, 2006 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by PhotoNews International Inc./Getty Images)

Another addition on the list with Kim K following Paris around. Their matching bags take their vacation look to another level.

Promoting her book? What better look for Paris to Rock than a tiny denim skirt with some pink heels. (I still have this book and highly recommend the purchase)

OOO Nicole Richie makes her first appearance! Paris is rocking a look here that I would easily love to pull off today even. Looks angelic.

How could this look not be on the list? Paris and her iconic “that’s hot” saying go the ultimate 2000s look route by appearing on a graphic tee. (this shirt did have a grammatical error on the back that we pretend didn’t happen)

NEW YORK CITY – FEBRUARY 12: Paris Hilton attends 21st Birthday Party for Paris Hilton on February 12, 2002 at Studio 54 in New York City. (Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage)

Another Paris birthday look! No one celebrates a birthday better than Paris! This blue dress is only taken to a higher level with her tiara.

The Simple Life provided loads of viral quotes about Wal-Mart and working at Sonic, but this look deserves to be in history books.

Peak early 2000’s was always put on a major display at the MTV VMA’s! This pink look deserves a “that’s hot” from Paris herself.

Jeremy Scott and Paris Hilton during Jeremy Scott Unveils Fall Collection Inspired by Gillette Passion Venus – Backstage at The Palace in Hollywood, California, United States. (Photo by L. Cohen/WireImage)

This is a behind the scenes photo at a fashion show and this look is stronger than a look worn on the runway. The Von Dutch graphic tee, the Juicy Couture track pants, the cell phone hooked on the waistband. Iconic.

A full tracksuit was OBVIOUSLY coming to this list y’all! Truly made iconic by Paris.

This ensemble is something I think about quite often. The fur halter top paired with matching fur trimmed denim, what a look.

Spray tan? Check. Belly button ring? Check. Some weird two piece set? Iconic. This is truly a look no one other than Paris would have dated to rock.

Paris Hilton at her 21st birthday party at the Stork Room in London, 2002.

Our number one look is obviously Paris’ iconic twenty first birthday dress! Many try to copy this, but no one can serve a look better than Paris Hilton.

While Paris can be perceived as problematic to many, I’ll always consider her a pop culture queen. From her iconic looks above to her catchy pop bops to her iconic reality television programs (yes, Paris Hilton’s BFF). We love to stan.

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