Sextortion: The Hidden Pandemic Interview

by Cassandra Hager It’s scarier than any horror film in recent memory. Sextortion: The Hidden Pandemic tells the story of a real-life terror targeting America’s kids. With the advent of social media and the influx of internet use brought about by the pandemic, children must constantly be vigilant; and that starts with education and prevention.... Continue Reading →

2021 NFL Team Previews: NFC South

The 2021 NFL Season is upon us and the Music City Drive In has you covered. We’ll be previewing all 32 teams, as well as our picks for award winners and playoff participants each day through Monday, September 6. Check back daily at 4 p.m. EST for each new piece in our preview series. We... Continue Reading →

The North American Film Critic Association

We were sent this press release on behalf of the North American Film Critic Association. They have announced the forming of their new critic group. Press Release. The North American Film Critic Association was created by three individuals who are on the rise inside the world of film. Ricky, Amanda, and Matthew have brought together... Continue Reading →

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