2023 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Preview

Hello, readers of MCDI! Your favorite college basketball writer is back after a few month’s hiatus! It’s been a long season, and while we haven’t been able to give you the weekly power rankings we did last year, we are excited to be able to give you a small preview of the best month in... Continue Reading →

Six players get the Franchise Tag

The 2023 NFL off-season is in full swing. Tuesday marked the deadline for teams to use the Franchise Tag, which resulted in six players getting the tag and one new deal at the deadline by the New York Giants. Daniel Jones gets paid Jones was largely rumored to be getting a Franchise Tag if the... Continue Reading →

First Quarterback dominoes fall

We’re a week away from the official start of the new league year and free agency, and yet we saw the first dominoes at the quarterback position fall on Monday. Two potential free agent quarterbacks came off the market. Below I look at those first two moves. Derek Carr to the Saints Carr, released by... Continue Reading →

What Should a Wrestler’s Diet Look Like?

Wrestling matches are not regulated like in other sports (think baseball or basketball), and the rules are routinely bent or broken. Furthermore, the suggestion of rigged contests seriously tested the longevity of professional wrestling. After growing from amateur wrestling (which is still considered a sport), professional wrestling seemingly abandoned any pretense of fair play. Looking... Continue Reading →

Zero-RB Dynasty Superflex Top 100

The role of a zero-RB or structural approach is to mitigate and capitalize on the chaos present in an NFL season. The more chaos affects your league, the stronger and more valuable your roster will become. These rankings are designed with appropriate weight towards maintaining stability at the top of a draft and leveraging value... Continue Reading →

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