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Quarterback Devy Rankings

Quarterback Devy Rankings

With the College football season winding down and the NFL coming closer and closer to the playoffs, it is time to start dissecting the upcoming draft plans, whether that is your rookie draft or even joining new DEVY startups. Stoops and I talked about these rankings in the podcast below, some of the rankings may … Continue reading Quarterback Devy Rankings

Monday Recap, Week 15

We’re almost through 15 weeks of the regular season. Tonight’s clash in Cincinnati will bring the week to an end, leaving just two games left for every team in the 2020 NFL season. Where does the time go? This is also a crucial time in fantasy, as most everyone is completing their semi-final matchup. Did … Continue reading Monday Recap, Week 15

TNF Preview, Week 15

We’re nearing the end of the NFL season, and the end of the fantasy season as most leagues move into the semi-finals. And that action kicks off tonight as the Chargers (4-9) and Raiders (7-6) clash for Thursday Night Football. The Raiders are still in the playoff race, but just barely. The team lost to … Continue reading TNF Preview, Week 15