Author: oldtombomb

TomBomb Dynasty: Seattle Seahawks

3. Tyler Lockett: If you like underrated dynasty assets, on your squad, it doesn't get much more underrated than one Mr. Tyler Lockett. You know Old Tom has always wondered how this young man would have fared had he of been drafted by an organization, a bit more committed to the passing game. Just an … Continue reading TomBomb Dynasty: Seattle Seahawks

TomBomb Dynasty: Los Angeles Chargers

3. Mike Williams: A potential head-scratcher, right out of the gates, Old Tom had one heck of a time narrowing this Chargers dynasty list down. As I think back on the process, I've come to the belief that it's much more a testament to the young offensive talent they've acquired, more than anything else. However, … Continue reading TomBomb Dynasty: Los Angeles Chargers