Author: oldtombomb

TomBomb Dynasty: Kansas City Chiefs

3. Travis Kelce: I know I know I know - What in the world is Old Tom doing placing a soon-to-be 31-year-old TE on his dynasty list? Well, I really think this is more a testament to just how valuable Kelce is, in this unbelievably loaded Chiefs offense than any perceived shortcomings in regards to … Continue reading TomBomb Dynasty: Kansas City Chiefs

TomBomb Dynasty: Arizona Cardinals

3. Kenyan Drake: For quite awhile now, Old Tom would spend the off-season wondering how Kenyan Drake was going to be utilized, in Miami. Sitting back, hoping and praying they would finally cut him loose and allow him to showcase the talent so many knew he had. Well, in 2019 Miami took that to the … Continue reading TomBomb Dynasty: Arizona Cardinals