Personal Ranking of the 2023 Best Picture Nominees!

Check out Benji’s ranking of the 2023 Best Picture Nominees below.

10 – Avatar: The Way of Water

Whilst visually stunning to watch with incredible direction and sound, Avatar 2 loses the magical power the first has and feels like the same movie just less imaginative and ultimately very boring!

9 – Triangle of Sadness

Go on! Do your worst! Dolly De Leon gives one of the year’s best-supporting performances and some of the year’s funniest scenes, but unfortunately, that is a tiny part of this overly long movie which ultimately just didn’t go anywhere interesting for me!

8 – The Fabelmans

Very fun and charming movie with a great performance by Michelle Williams and the years most underrated performance in Gabriel LaBelle. Whilst I enjoyed the movie, parts did feel unnecessary and maybe my hopes were too high because it’s Speilberg, but I was a tad disappointed after it was advertised as his “most personal”.

7 – All Quiet on the Western Front

Loud, bombastic, and extremely intense, AQOTWF gives a brutal insight into what war is truly like and doesn’t hold back, somehow making you sympathetic towards the German side of WW2. Great movie, but not sure if I have the emotional strength to watch it again.

6 – Elvis

Talk about a movie that’s completely grown on me! I went from disliking this movie to loving it. Maybe not the best ‘biopic,’ Baz Luhrmann gave this movie an incredibly aggressive energy to it that you just don’t get from movies these days! And WOW, can Austin Butler act.

5 – Women Talking

Women Talking reminded all of us about the power of feminism and how awful it used to be a woman and how those struggles still go on TODAY! Amazing performances, shame on the Academy for not being brave enough to go there!

4 – TÁR

Creepy, interesting and very entertaining for such a slow burn! TÁR was an amazing return from Todd Field, a director I honestly thought was dead. Cate Blanchett deserves to win Best Actress for subtlety showing she is playing such an evil person!

3 – The Banshees of Inisherin

NOW, THIS IS THE POWER OF SCREENWRITING. TBOI is funny, sad, and intense, something not a lot of movies pull of well. Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson have not lost their charm since starting together in 2009’s ‘In Bruges’. Barry Keoghan and Kerry Condon give two of the years best-supporting performances and I honestly have nothing but love for this movie!

2 – Everything Everywhere All At Once

I love it when this happens. When a movie comes out of nowhere and just flaws you. EEAAO was yet another movie that showed this whole “there are no ideas left in Hollywood” is complete bulls*!t! This and my number one are the two movies of the year that gave me hope for the future of cinema. There is still passion and love left in this industry!

1 – Top Gun: Maverick

I’m a very typical English bloke. I’m a sucker for an action flick. What I wasn’t expecting was for TGM to turn out to be one of the best action movies ever made! To think we had Avatar nominated as well and that wasn’t even the most impressive action movie of the year is IMPRESSIVE. Words mean nothing when talking about this. It’s just an amazing thing in its own right, not even as a sequel to the first Top Gun!


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