The Flight Attendant Season 2: Episode 1 + 2 Recaps

The Flight Attendant begins its second season with a two-episode premiere. Seeing Double introduces the audience to Cassie’s (Kaley Cuoco) new life in Los Angeles. She’s going to Alcoholics Anonymous, working out, and dating a new, perfect guy. That facade of normalcy is shattered by a mysterious envelope with a puffin keychain inside arrives at her door.

Cassie still works as a flight attendant, but also acts as a civilian asset for the CIA. Her main contact is an officer named Benjamin (Mo McRae). She uses her cover as a flight attendant to jetset around the world to do reconnaissance for the CIA. Her role is mostly track and photograph, but her inexperience as a trained spy leads her to become more tangled with her marks than she should be.

Her most recent mark is a man named Will (Kayvon Esmaili) in Berlin. After a light chat at the hotel bar, Cassie follows him to a pick up point where he retrieves an envelope. She tails Will as he makes his way to a different hotel and up to his room where a mysterious blond woman is waiting. Cassie witnesses them have sex and then Will trades his envelope for the woman’s metal briefcase. Will and the woman leave the hotel room and Cassie follows them on the street. Will gets into a car that blows up and Cassie sees the mysterious woman walk away unharmed.

The plot thickens when Cassie returns to her hotel room. Her room key doesn’t work, her bags are missing, and the front desk is telling her that she has already checked out. Even more confusing, the mysterious woman who was with Will has the same back tattoo as Cassie. She doesn’t have time to dwell because she has a return flight to LA she needs to work. Cassie’s friends, Ani (Zosia Mamet) and Max (Deniz Akdeniz), are at her house waiting for her to take them on a tour of LA.

Almost immediately after she gets home from the trip, Cassie is summoned to the LA field office for the CIA. She thinks the CIA figured out she witnessed the explosion and want more information, but it seems like this meeting is to discourage Cassie from further looking into the death of Will. The CIA tells her that Will was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and a gas pipe was the cause of the explosion.

Cassie’s missing bags are returned to her, but she knows something is off before even opening them. She has a blue ribbon tied on one of her zippers, but on the bags that are supposedly hers’, the blue ribbon is on a different zipper. Inside the bag, there’s a flight attendant outfit that’s not her’s, a View-Master, and a bloody blonde wig. 

Mushrooms, Tasers, and Bears, Oh My! sees Ani, Cassie, and Max looking through the pictures of the View-Master. Many of them are meaningless to them, random pictures, but there’s one photo of Cassie from when she was tailing Will. Cassie is now obsessed with trying to figure out who the woman who pretended to be Cassie in Berlin.

Cassie’s main lead for the identity of the double is new flight attendant, Grace (Mae Martin). She would have access to a flight attendant outfit, has short hair so she’d need a wig, and she had complained of ringing in her ears even though she was supposedly in her hotel room at the time of the explosion. Cassie can’t help herself and follows Grace around LA to the Pacific Palisades airport. While spying on Grace from the airport restaurant, Cassie sees Grace trade a large envelope of money for a brown paper wrapped package.

Cassie cuts her stalking short because it’s her one year of sobriety meeting at AA. After the meeting, Grace asks if Cassie wants to hang out and she excitedly accepts. Cassie sees this as an opportunity to snoop around Grace’s house. When Cassie arrives, Grace says that she just finished a workout and wants to hop in the shower before they hang out. With Grace preoccupied, Cassie starts looking around and finds the package Grace picked up at the airport. Inside are medical-grade fentanyl lollipops that Grace admits she gives to cancer patients because of the broken healthcare system.

Throughout the two episodes, the audience also got a few glimpses of what Megan (Rosie Perez) has been up to. She’s called Cassie cryptically about the random keychain, appeared to be hiding in some kind of bunker with barbed wire, and collected deadly mushrooms in a forest. What exactly Megan is up to remains a mystery for the time being. Perhaps most concerningly, Megan’s son, Eli (David Iacono), contacts Cassie and says that he hasn’t heard from his mom in a year, but she Snapchatted him a string of nonsensical emojis. When Cassie tries to call Megan’s number, it’s disconnected.

The Flight Attendant was a surprise delight in 2020 and these first two episodes bring the audience back to the familiar unfamiliar word of Cassie. A multitude of mysteries have been set up and the actors did not miss a beat in their return to their characters. The show remains the breezy mystery series it perfected in season one. Cuoco is more than capable of handling Cassie’s push and pull of wanting to lead a normal life and getting pulled into yet another mystery.

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