And Just Like That: Episode 9 ‘No Strings Attached’ Recap

Carrie readies herself to explore the dating pool but a reminder of Big proves to be a setback. Miranda and Che discuss their relationship with a surprising turn on the former’s part. Meanwhile, Charlotte stages a tampon-vention for daughter Lily, much to their shared embarrassment.

Following her split from Steve, Miranda flaunts her newfound romance with Che. As Miranda enjoys the time with them, the peaceful diner get-together is disrupted by a pair of Che’s groupies – “I’m the girlfriend,” Miranda introduces herself as Che’s reaction raises eyebrows. They don’t look too into the label while we – along with Miranda – are reminded by their new company that Che is used to living a life of freedom, unbound by traditionalism. Is there trouble in paradise already? Or will Miranda open herself up to the idea of living more freely?

Everyone’s put out of their misery fairly fast with that one when Miranda shows up to Che’s apartment in the middle of the night. This relationship is quite hard to fall behind. It comes across as very one-sided. Miranda seems to be in pretty deep whereas Che still sees this early stage as the ‘getting to know each other’ process – they’re not wrong in fairness, if anyone it’s Miranda upping the cringe. It takes a rebuff from Che to knock the whimsical fantasy she’d conjured up out of her. However, they are quick to assure Miranda that they are only actually seeing her at the moment, so there’s at least some hope left for the two.

Be honest – is Charlotte the reason you keep tuning in every week? Yet again, Kristin Davis steals the show with excellent comedic timing and delivery. Whilst Charlotte believes herself to be going through menopause, Lily is in need of tampon coaching. It’s every bit as awkward as it sounds, especially with Charlotte’s matter of fact approach to the whole scenario. 

Lily’s even given a ‘how to’ tutorial on the best way to use a tampon, it’s mortifying but hilarious. The humility just keeps rolling in after this point; Lily freaks out because she’s lost the tampon string, Charlotte’s throwaway “I draw the line at pulling out your tampon,” and finally, the red stain appearing on Charlotte’s pants. The episode was a complete car crash for the Goldenblatts but we loved every second.

Newly single and heartbroken Steve – who deserves the world – bonds with Carrie this episode. He’s a little (rightfully) torn up about the end of his marriage, questioning Carrie on her knowledge of Miranda’s affair and she fumbles with her answers. In her bid to escape an uncomfortable confrontation, Carrie flees to the bathroom only to end up losing Big’s wedding ring down the drain, leaving her with no choice but ask Steve for help. 

As it turns out, the one-on-one time is exactly what they both need as they each appear to be holding onto the last remnants of their marriages. It’s a shame the series will be ending in one episode because the dynamic between Carrie and Steve, though unexpected, would be a great friendship to explore considering what they’ve both lost.

With the finale closing in, it’s unclear on where these characters are going to end up. And Just Like That has been unpredictable with its story so far, having little direction, that it makes us wonder how the show will wrap up – will it be abrupt? Or will closure finally be given to everyone?

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