Karaoke, Aviators, and Volleyball Erotica: Is ‘Top Gun’ the Cheesiest Movie of All Time?

Top Gun is the type of the movie that sounds awesome - and it is. A bunch of aviator-wearing, karaoke loving, cheeky yet charming naval officers going by names like Iceman and Cougar? It’s the best of the best here, the coolest of the cool, The Mighty Ducks of fighter jets, and as if things... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Netflix Original Movies

Netflix continues to impress with its varied library of film. New content hits the streaming platform each week, providing the challenge of picking out the right movie for you. To save the time of flicking back and forth through titles (old and new), these Netflix Originals are absolute must-watches to have on your list. Fear... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Netflix Original Shows

Whether you’re into nail-biting thrillers or quirky, lighthearted comedies, Netflix is likely to have just the series under their belt. Amongst the hundreds of original titles, you’ll probably find yourself scrolling endlessly into the abyss and asking if any of them are actually worth the time. No one likes getting stuck into a show only... Continue Reading →

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