Author: Jenna Scott

Final Destination Franchise Ranked

As rumours continue to circulate around a potential sixth instalment to the popular horror franchise, I took some time to revisit the series and create a ranking that includes some of the most nail biting moments. 5. The Final Destination (2009)  By far the weakest and least memorable of the series, but tries to reinvent itself with … Continue reading Final Destination Franchise Ranked

Bad Girls (1994) Was Ahead of Its Time and Here’s Why

I was unfamiliar with the 1994 western Bad Girls until very recently when it came up as a suggested viewing. Immediately, the poster caught my eye. There stood Madeleine Stowe, Drew Barrymore, Andie MacDowell and Mary Stuart Masterson in full cowgirl getup, donning their weapons expertly, and poised with confidence. Westerns have never really been … Continue reading Bad Girls (1994) Was Ahead of Its Time and Here’s Why

Lending a Voice: A Tribute to Naya Rivera

Lending a Voice: A Tribute to Naya Rivera

As the 2021 GLAAD Media Awards prepare to pay tribute to the late Naya Rivera, I would like to take a moment to celebrate the profound influence that she holds over generation after generation. No matter how you came to know her; whether it be through her acting or philanthropy; perhaps you may not be … Continue reading Lending a Voice: A Tribute to Naya Rivera

‘Jackass’ Movies Ranked

With a fourth installment scheduled for release later this year, I decided to revisit the original trilogy (including .5) and set out a ranking with some of the best and worst skits from each film. 5. Jackass 2.5 (2007) Arguably the most forgettable of the franchise, 2.5 is filled with an abundance of cheap stunts … Continue reading ‘Jackass’ Movies Ranked