And Just Like That: Episode 4 ‘Some of My Best Friends’ Review

Reality hits the three women hard as Carrie continues to navigate a life post-Big, Miranda reflects on the decisions she made for her family, and Charlotte makes it her goal to diversify her social circle and ropes Harry in on her agenda.

After last week’s Natasha-shaped fiasco, Carrie decides to take a major step forward in the grief process and sell the home she and her late-husband shared. Where will she go now? Well, apparently she never even sold her old place and it’s miraculously intact as she fills it up with boxes filled with belongings. We knew Carrie and Big were loaded but owning two apartments in New York? Who would’ve thought a columnist gig paid so well!

She enlists glamorous realtor, Seema, to help her prepare the apartment for sale. The pair get on like a house on fire, sharing their respective appreciation for shoes and handbags. Already, Seema is a hoot! She also isn’t one to sugarcoat; upon her arrival, the realtor informs Carrie that “everything has to go,” but makes an offhand comment about moving a Peloton into the bathroom – way to stick your foot in it, Seema. Of course, this triggers a change in Carrie’s mood, and the two head downtown to house-hunt.

Over drinks, Seema opens up about her love life (or lack of thereof) and her misfortune with dating apps, which leads to an open-ended indication of a possible new venture for Carrie. As the episode concludes, Carrie returns to her marital home to find Seema with a broken picture frame of Carrie and Big. This sparks an overwhelming reaction from the widow; “the glass is not replaceable,” she cries as one of the last remnants of Big’s time with her is shattered. Despite her understanding of Carrie’s pain, Seema calls her out the insensitivity Carrie showed towards the realtor. Thankfully, there’s no hard feelings, managing to address and accept that their actions, though not intentionally harmful, were still consequential.

Meanwhile, Charlotte and LTW are the iconic duo we didn’t know we needed, aptly referenced as Thelma & Louise by LTW’s husband. Everything is going swell for the budding besties until Charlotte wants to invite LTW to a get-together only to fluster herself into a state of panic. Much to her horror, Charlotte realises she has no other black friends. There’s not a single character in the whole of this episode that will give you second-hand embarrassment as much as Charlotte does; her attempt to recruit a neighbour backfires disastrously and when she finally finds her solution in a mother at school, LTW cancels and thus, so does Charlotte.

Her chance at redemption comes sooner than later with LTW sending out the invitation this time. During the dinner, Charlotte comes to LTW’s defence against an overbearing mother-in-law, impressing everyone at the table – mostly LTW. It’s nice to see Charlotte have a friend outside of her core group, especially one as candid as LTW, who clearly brings out the best in Charlotte. Slowly but surely, she is opening herself up to being much more natural and embrace her own personality rather than a high maintenance perfectionist. And just like that…. Charlotte has saw a fantastically crafted arc of character development in a total of 4 episodes.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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