Succession Season 3 Episode 1 Recap: Secession

Plot: Following his bombshell press conference, a righteous Kendall scrambles to find a base of operations, while Logan’s team searches for safe harbour.

We see Logan and the Roy’s in the aftermath of Kendall’s big announcement. No one knows where they are going, what will happen, or what Logan will do. Then, we see Logan get into the back of a van and this happens.

Roman: you want me to ride with you?
Logan: You want to suck my dick? 

The insane way this show has funny moments within a serious tone simultaneously speaks to the brilliant writing.

We now see Kendall’s side as he puts the pieces together after the huge press conference. Kendall and Greg are together and what happens next is going to be wild. Kendall stuck his neck out in a HUGE way and now needs to try to build a team that can overtake his Dad along the way.

The layout of the show is done in a way that builds some fantastic tension. We already know the high stakes going into the episode, but they need to keep the momentum going. The bouncing back and forth gives us a little bit to chew on from both sides but doesn’t reveal everyone’s plans at once.

We have an angry Logan going around ready to chop off heads but also deeply concerned because he isn’t sure he can overcome what’s ahead. Brian Cox is brilliant in this role, outright brilliant and nobody has been this good or commanded the screen in a drama like this in a long time. He is powerful, loud and fierce within every word that comes out of his mouth.

The Juice is Loose


Kendall is riding a high right now and he is starting to feel himself, maybe somewhat overconfident, considering he is taking on a monster that has yet to be put down before. So you see Kendall in a way that we typically only see when he is high on drugs which was excellent to see a different side of him in this way.

Logan knows he needs to pick a replacement while this investigation goes on and Roman and Shiv are both playing their cards to make sure it’s. Roman tries to use Gerri and Shiv tries to use Tom to better position themselves. Both of which really backfire against them. Roman pisses Logan off to the point where he later crosses him off the list. Will it be Shiv? Please be Shiv. (Ricky loves Shiv) Sarah Snook is so damn good in this role. I think her role in this entire show is more complex than any other role that isn’t Kendall or Logan and sometimes I think her role matches Kendall.

Shiv blew it. Gerri was picked, which, if we are honest, was the best option for Shiv because she would be a centerpiece of a potential empire falling. Following this, Logan finds out Lisa will be joining Team Kendall, which sends him entirely off the deep end. You really see him start to lose it towards the end of the episode. He is worried and you felt every bit of that.

The Verdict: A

The season opener kicked serious ass with fantastic writing, ideally setting up bits and pieces of what’s ahead in this gigantic battle.

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