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Binge Watch: Las Vegas Comedies

I turned 40 years old on Tuesday, and to celebrate my wife and I hit Las Vegas. There are few places that spring to mind as quickly as Las Vegas when it comes to a place to get away and party, or a place where that revelry can go off the rails. Hopefully that won’t … Continue reading Binge Watch: Las Vegas Comedies

Ricky’s Review Roundup: ‘Beast Beast’ – ‘At Night Comes Wolves’ – ‘Send It’

Ricky’s Review Roundup: ‘Beast Beast’ – ‘At Night Comes Wolves’ – ‘Send It’

Beast Beast is a powerful must-see movie that showcases issues within our country.

Binge Watch: Jack Ryan

This Friday the latest Tom Clancy adaptation, Without Remorse, launches on Amazon Prime. This one, based on one of Clancy’s books, follows a new character played by Michael B. Jordan that is a spin-off from his classic Jack Ryan series. In honor of the new project, I thought I’d look back at the Jack Ryan … Continue reading Binge Watch: Jack Ryan

The ultimate film for NFL Draft prep

“Vontae Mack no matter what.” That line, inscribed on a Post It belonging to Sonny Weaver, Jr. has become perhaps the most memorable line and meme from the 2014 film Draft Day. We see it come back every year as people make a case for the player upon which they want to make their stand … Continue reading The ultimate film for NFL Draft prep

Binge Watch: Carey Mulligan

The Academy Awards are on Sunday, perhaps you’ve heard? This is the biggest day in moviedom as the best of film is announced. Among those nominated this year is Carey Mulligan, who gave my favorite performance of the year in Promising Young Woman. She’s a front-runner and, if I had my way, she’d be the … Continue reading Binge Watch: Carey Mulligan