‘You’ Season 3 Recap

I will admit, the You bandwagon starts behind me and the Joe bandwagon – also begins behind me. I love this show with a HUGE passion; it’s well-written, acted and I love how they utilize the surroundings to help tell their story.

After the end of last season, life had an unexpected turn for Joe with Love. After seeing things fall apart before his eyes, she, more or less, saved the day. We move to present day, where the pair is now a suburban couple with a baby. Joe is now a father and a husband, which, yea, sounds about as crazy as it looks when you watch the show. But, they do a great job early on trying to highlight the struggles of Joe/Love adapting to their new lifestyle, which makes the “weirdness” of the situation work.

However, while you can change the setting, you can’t change the foundations these characters are built on. Their relationship is built on lies and murder, which early on, we see the mass chaos that comes from their protective nature. Love struggles to see Joe interested in anyone other than her and Joe is super protective of the baby because he wants better for this baby than what he got from his parents.

courtesy of Netflix

The acting has always been top-notch and season three is no different. Even in the third season, Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti bring something fresh and unique to this story that makes you continue to latch onto these characters.

One of the more beautiful things within the show – and one of the reasons Victoria Pedretti is able to do so well with this character – is the writing of Love. We see her peeled back in so many layers that it truly is insane to watch her unfold. There are moments which you see her character and you are like, “really?”, and next thing you know, BOOM, she is a sly manipulative mad woman who is brilliant. Again, Pedretti knocks this role out of the ballpark.

Of course, I have to talk about Penn Badgley, who truly brings this swagger to this role of Joe that makes him unhateable. I am not sure we should really like Joe, but Joe is a good-looking guy whose charm is undeniable within the role. I loved the way they explored the deep dark past of Joe and how the struggle of his day-to-day life is truly impacted by everything that happened to him at a young age. Throughout this season, you see different stages of Joe that force Badgley to act in different styles.

I don’t always love flashbacks, they aren’t always placed well and although some of these sequences felt eerily similar to some of what we saw in Dexter, I did love the utilization of these to help progress the story with Joe. They show how he was formed, how he became who he is, and why he is obsessed with trying to fix people. Joe wants to help those who need to be helped, but sometimes he doesn’t know how to handle it accurately.

courtesy of Netflix

Season 3 saw a lot of fun additions to the cast, highlighted by Travis Van Winkle and Shalita Grant, who Cary and Sherry this fun over-the-top crazy couple that just kept bringing some great laughs and phenomenal chemistry. Scott Speedman, Dylan Arnold, and Tati Gabrielle also play key pieces with some fantastic scenes.

Overall, Season 3 was a massive success, and I loved everything from start to finish. The writers took some risks that some may not like, but how everything played out for me worked. Joe and Love’s development is some of the best writing we’ve seen in this series. I love this series and can’t wait to see what is next.

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