Best out of Context Joe Goldberg Season 3 Quotes

You season three was amazing and one of the things we have all come to love is Joe's infamous one-liners. Whether he is on the verge of killing someone, a simple flashback or even cleaning up Love's latest mess, Joe is a comedian. Check out my full review of the show here. So today, I present to... Continue Reading →

Netflix’s ‘You’ Season Three Review: You’s third season remains perfected escapism.

On the surface, You is mistaken as any other mindless soap on television. Based on the 2014 novel Hidden Bodies, creators Greg Berlanti (Dawson's Creel) and Sera Gamble (Supernatural) brought Caroline Kepnes's romance thriller to Lifetime and have become a sensation on Netflix. The show combines the sensibilities of the showrunners- young, soapy storytelling and Dexter-like horror.... Continue Reading →

‘You’ Season 3 Recap

I will admit, the You bandwagon starts behind me and the Joe bandwagon - also begins behind me. I love this show with a HUGE passion; it's well-written, acted and I love how they utilize the surroundings to help tell their story. After the end of last season, life had an unexpected turn for Joe... Continue Reading →

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