‘Turner and Hooch’ Season 1 Episode 12 ‘Bite Club’ Review

Family and friends band together to form a rescue mission when Scott is captured. Xavier encourages Erica to face her feelings and Laura recruits Hooch, leading to a familiar showdown.

Who’d have guessed that the finale would be the most exhilarating episode yet? Maybe it’s the frequent shootouts and the characters are actually in a position of danger for the first time; maybe it’s the fact that we know how the original movie ends and a tiny part of us is freaking out in-case history repeats itself – Disney is no stranger to inflicting emotional trauma when it comes to animals after all! Even Scott’s assurance that his story will be different doesn’t quell the fear of losing Hooch.

Fortunately, zero tears are shed. Keeping with the light-hearted theme, the episode is full of action, comedy and even a little bit of romance thrown in at the end. It is surprisingly well balanced out. We also get to see all of the characters working on a case and sharing moments that we haven’t had the chance to dive into before. Xavier and Erica are still a duo made in heaven with their sibling-like bond. Jessica has a larger role after being side-lined for the most part of the season, and Laura takes initiative with Hooch that ultimately leads to Scott’s rescue.

Anyone rooting for a Scott and Erica romance are likely to be dissatisfied as nothing is explicitly clear, but their ending leaves plenty up for interpretation – possibly even a second season. Does this pairing have potential to carry another 12 episodes? If the show is commissioned for season 2, it will hopefully bring a lot of development to the characters we already know as it was a quality lacking for a number of episodes. From the beginning, however, Erica was everyone’s favourite, right?

Overall, the show ends on a pleasant note. Hooch continues to wreak havoc as Scott watches helplessly but they’ve come a long way since the pilot. Some episodes are generally unfulfilling and basic, though the finale skyrockets ahead of them. Justice is eventually brought upon Turner Sr. This part of the narrative could have progressed throughout the series’ entirety rather than being dropped every other week.

Turner and Hooch is a lot of rise and fall. Certain points will lose your interest only to pick straight back up the following week. The genre borders between serious and funny – sometimes it’s difficult to decipher which of the two the show is aiming for. It is an easy family viewing though. Oddly, something tells me we’ll miss the dynamic duo for the time being.

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