Ranking all 8 Spider-Man Movies

#5. Spider-Man (2002)

The OG Spider-Man is still one of the coolest and most influential Comic Book Movies there has been. Does this make it the best? Not necessarily, but it still manages to be one of them. Raimi took a different twist on the Wall-Crawler, most notably with giving him organic web shooters, but he managed to keep the essence and idea of Spider-Man alive. Willem Dafoe turns in a villanous performance that ranks up there with some of the best, probably should have earned him an Oscar nom, as he is menacingly terrifying and cunning throughout. “God Speed Spider-Man” gave me nightmares as a kid with how gruff he spoke those lines. Tobey Maguire, while not the best Spider-Man in my opinion, was the perfect Peter Parker, and utilized that side of the character so well to make him a more personable protagonist. I think that is why people still love his version so much is because of how much people could relate to him as a character and a hero.

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