Ranking all 8 Spider-Man Movies

#6. The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

I will say before I get too into this write-up, that this is when the movies really start to become enjoyable.The Amazing Spider-Man definitely has its issues though. After spending an entire film based around Uncle Ben’s death only 5 years earlier, witnessing Uncle Ben’s death again was something that felt too soon. Which witnessing the death was something I think we could look past, but the fact that a lot of the movie was spent on finding his killer made this feel like rehashed Spider-Man 3. I also just don’t think Marc Webb was the best decision for a Comic Book Movie. I think he is a wonderful director, but on smaller scale or more personal projects.

What was good about The Amazing Spider-Man, and this might be a hot take, was Andrew Garfield giving one of the best Spider-Man performances we’ve seen. His Peter Parker is another story, but his Spider-Man had it down. He knew the charm and charisma that was needed to be Spider-Man, and he had a wonderful grasp on the hilarity and off-kilter style of fighting that Spider-Man is most known for. The villain, The Lizard, wasn’t the most commanding villain, but he still managed to be a somewhat exciting addition to the film, and as I said with The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the romance between Emma Stone’s Gwen and Andrew Garfield’s Peter were top-notch.

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