Exclusive Clip: ‘Esme, My Love’ (June 2nd)

We have an exclusive clip for the upcoming movie Esme, My Love from director Cory Choy coming out on June 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4xxHpExlh4 SAG Nominee Audrey Grace Marshall (“The Flight Attendant”) headlines Cory Choy’s supernatural thriller Esme, My Love which has been scheduled for a digital release worldwide June 2 via Terror Films.When Hannah notices the symptoms of... Continue Reading →

“Velma” Devil’s Advocate Review

Velma is the story of a high-school misfit struggling to cope with the loss of her mother while she attempts to reconnect with her best friend (and possible crush), a naive member of the social elite that comes between them, and another misfit friend who cares for Velma as she is. It's mean, bloody, meandering,... Continue Reading →

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