‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ Spoiler Review

After the conclusion of the Infinity Saga, Phase Four of the MCU has tried out something slightly new - and I’m not exactly sure if I like it or not - there is no clear story focus. We’ve introduced plenty of new corners of the MCU and continue to explore and expand familiar places. The... Continue Reading →

MCDI Trailer House! (03-04-22)

Welcome back to the end of the week! There's been more turbulence over the last week and some people cope in different ways. Some of these trailers are documenting our world, some are as far removed from our world as possible. Take a look! "The Bubble" is a different "bubble" than one down below, though... Continue Reading →

Ranking all 8 Spider-Man Movies

In August of 1962, Stan Lee's favorite creation, Spider-Man, first graced the Comic Book scene. When young Peter Parker first made his appearance in Amazing Fantasy Vol. 15, he became the first teenage superhero that wasn't tied to anyone else as a sidekick. Peter had to go through the trouble of learning how to control... Continue Reading →

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