2020 Best Comedies

As countdown the end of the year, it amazes me what a whirlwind of a year it has been, especially in the world of film. For the majority of 2020, movie theaters have been closed, streaming has become the new king, and we have witnessed a pandemic as this generation has yet to see. 2021 looks bleak as far as when movies will be back out again for the norm. Still, today, I continue my series of best of which will last over a multitude of pieces that will include my top 10 films, tackling all four acting categories, most disappointed, and whatever other I muster up.

Today, after watching close to 300 2020 releases, I turn my attention my favorite comedies of the year.

Just missed the cut: Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, Spontaneous, Palm Springs and My Spy

10. Yes, God, Yes

If I had to pick one film that surprised me the most, this would be the one. It was different, unique, and something we had never seen before in a movie. The same rinse, recycle approach to faith style of films with sex is always told in a overbearing and over the top comedy. Karen Maine was creative with her approach her and she had a dynamite lead in Natalia Dyer that stole the show.

9. Sonic the Hedgehog

The return of funny Jim Carrey is one of the biggest highlights for me. He was great but this film was SO much fun. Sonic the Hedgehog it was entertaining and filled with action, comedy and a fantastic villain

8. Save Yourselves!

In a year where we are forced to be more assertive in our thoughts and tackling new ventures, Save Yourselves reminds us that we spend far too much time worrying about the little things, and we could all use some time away. Save Yourselves! is a funny apocalyptical style movie that keeps you laughing throughout.

7. Big Time Adolescence

Griffin Gluck and Pete Davidson combine with Jason Orley for one of the best coming of age comedies of the last decade. The story is simple, but more importantly, relatable, and that’s what makes BTA one of the years best.

6. Unpregnant

Rachel Lee Goldenberg directed a film that packed a powerful message about women and how they should have their right to choose. Haley Lu Richardson becomes our star in front of our eyes with a powerful performance in this pivotal role.

5. Holidate

Holidate is this year’s Last Christmas without the twist. It checks all the boxes from a romantic holiday comedy. It’s got excellent writing that makes you invest in the characters, it’s got many laughs, and it’s got fantastic chemistry from our leads.

4. Bad Boys for Life

Anytime a new sequel to an older movie that is great gets announced, I get worried. We consistently get bad remakes or overdone sequels for no reason, but this was far from that. After 17 years, Bad Boys were great, but it had it’s most meaningful story yet. It was heartwarming, sweet, and full of that comedic gold from Lawrence and Smith’s pairing.

3. The Binge

The Binge is one of those films you will turn on randomly again and again over the next couple of years. It’s funny, has a solid story, and it makes you invest in what is happening. I gave the film an extra star based on the Musical Number alone. I loved this film so much.

2. Half Brothers

Luis Mendez and Connor Del Rio are dynamic together. Their relationship is key to making this film work. We need the banter between the two to be funny, be sarcastic but in the end, bringing it all together, and they do just that. Shuman/Cisneros writing and Luke Greenfield’s directing puts the pieces together throughout the film that makes this moment mean so much and breaks you down.

1. The King of Staten Island

The King of Staten Island is hands down one of the best films of the year. The film tackled a very serious topic but made light of it at the same time was relatable on so many levels. Between the fantastic banter between Bill Burr and Pete Davidson and Pete and his friends, Apatow showcases one of his best directions yet.

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