The Valero Verdict: 2020 Mid-Year Best Actress

2020 has been a whirlwind of a year as a collective whole. The year in film has been even more strange. The last movie I saw in theaters was Bloodshot, and while I didn’t hate that experience, I didn’t think that was going to be my last theater visit for TBD.

So today, I am going to continue my half-year Oscar nominations with the Best Actress category. Before I do that, I took to Twitter/Reddit to see what we’re other’s favorite movies of the year were, and here are some of the answers I got.

Kenzie Vanunu picks: Elizabeth Moss (Shirley)

Ricardo picks: Sidney Flanigan (Never Rarely Sometimes Always) – Haley Bennett (Swallow) – Elizabeth Moss (Invisible Man)

Sam Howe picks – Haley Bennett (Swallow) – Elizabeth Moss (Invisible Man) – Margot Robbie (Birds of Prey)

Ryan Lawler picks – Elizabeth Moss (Shirley) Julia Garner (The Assistant) – Sidney Flanigan (NRSA)

The Valero Verdict: Best Actress Nominees

5. Betty Gilpin – The Hunt

The competition was fierce and honestly it was Gilpin’s ass-kicking performance that put her over-the-top. She had a coming out party in ‘The Hunt’

4. Zoey Deutch – Buffaloed

Zoey Deutch is an absolute killer in this role. She is strong, confirmed, and carries the film on her back with ease.

3. Sophia Lillis – Gretel & Hansel

Sophia Lillis was perfect for the role of Gretel. The way she went from a soft-spoken little girl to a grown ass woman was beautiful. She developed within the character and only works because she made it work.

2. Eliza Scanlen – Babyteeth

I was emotionally exhausted watching Scanlen in the role of Milla. She did a wonderful job of conveying every layer of emotion that the role needed her too. This was a gut-wrenching role in which Scanlen showcased she is a star in the making.

1. Haley Bennett – Swallow

Swallow was the Haley Bennett show. She gave us an emotionally riveting performance that truly transforms throughout each act. What seemed at first like a quirky random act turns into a broken person not sure how to process her emotions.

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