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Friday Five, Week 2

What an opening week! We started with a fun Thursday night game featuring the Cowboys and Buccaneers and ended with an OT thriller between the Ravens and Raiders. In between we got 14 games Sunday, many of them fun and full of surprises. More is on tap in Week 2. As will be the case … Continue reading Friday Five, Week 2

TNF Preview, Week 2

The first week of the NFL season is always wild, and wildly hard to predict. There are strange upsets, interesting player rotations and a lot of disappointment. The first week of the regular season is where the rubber of our off-season predictions and gut feelings meets the road. And not all our conjecture over those … Continue reading TNF Preview, Week 2

News Or Noise: Week 2 Edition

At Least These Guys Have Super Bowl Rings I don't have cable. I cut the cord several years ago because I had Hulu, Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, Google TV, etc. etc. I also have an ESPN+ subsrcription. This was the key piece of my Monday Night Football experience this week. Peyton and Eli … Continue reading News Or Noise: Week 2 Edition

Titans Week 1 Reaction

ANDREW NELLES / TENNESSEAN.COM, ANDREW NELLES / TENNESSEAN.COM VIA IMAGN CONTENT SERVICES, LLC Yikes. For all the hype surrounding the Titans, you cannot envision a worse Week 1 performance. It was evident this offense desperately needed more reps together prior to today. And for the defense? The defense is picking up right where they left … Continue reading Titans Week 1 Reaction