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Over/Under: NFC West

With the NFL season right around the corner (crossing fingers, toes, and nose), I am going to kick off a series where I breakdown each division in the NFL. Recap the key additions, subtractions from the offseason and tell you what you should bet on the Over/Under for each team. Today I am going to … Continue reading Over/Under: NFC West

TomBomb Dynasty: Arizona Cardinals

3. Kenyan Drake: For quite awhile now, Old Tom would spend the off-season wondering how Kenyan Drake was going to be utilized, in Miami. Sitting back, hoping and praying they would finally cut him loose and allow him to showcase the talent so many knew he had. Well, in 2019 Miami took that to the … Continue reading TomBomb Dynasty: Arizona Cardinals

The Valero Verdict: NFL Starting Quarterback’s Ranked

I’ve always been a guy that loves to talk about the quarterback position, so I figured why not share my rankings of the 32 starters in the NFL. Before I get to my rankings, I tossed Tua and Herbert into their starting roles believing both will play this year. I am also rankings the rookie … Continue reading The Valero Verdict: NFL Starting Quarterback’s Ranked